Google Testing “Buy Button” on Mobile Search Ads

Google Testing “Buy Button” on Mobile Search Ads

July 22, 2015         Written By Bill Hardekopf

Last week, Google unveiled a new feature called “Purchases on Google.” Consumers now see a “Buy” button on a limited number of mobile search results. If they click on the button, they are taken to a page where they can purchase that item.

The merchants will handle the actual transaction, and the pages will be hosted by Google.

Google will test these buy buttons with approximately 12 merchants over the next two weeks. The plan is to then expand to most of the United States by 2016.

Google is following the lead of Pinterest and Twitter by adding a buy button to the website. The search giant is trying to reduce the steps or “friction” of a sale by making the purchase just one click away when searching for an item on a mobile device.

Google has continued to expand into unique markets with shopping areas for both mortgages and credit cards. While these decisions may seem consumer-friendly by providing easier choices for the customer, many experts worry that Google may eventually draw the ire of U.S. regulators. They are concerned that the search giant has so much leverage and may be able to steer consumers to items or deals that pay Google the most money, and are not necessarily in the best interest of the consumer.

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