Google Plans to Rebrand Mobile Wallet as ‘Google Pay’

January 9, 2018, Written By John H. Oldshue

Google just announced they are getting rid of Android Pay—well, at least the name. The company plans to merge Android Pay, Google Wallet, and Chrome’s payment saving feature into one platform known as Google Pay.

The transition will happen “over the coming weeks.” All Android Pay logos in stores will switch over to Google Pay, and the mobile wallet will get a slight makeover. Each feature will still work in the same manner but all functions will be grouped under one brand.

Google’s announcement hinted at more expansions in the future: “{This} is just the first step for Google Pay. We can’t wait to share more.” They have not released any details on what the next steps may be.

This is most likely an effort to compete with other wallets like Apple Pay and Samsung Pay. Google may be using the leverage of its primary brand to draw in new customers. “Google” is a trusted, long-standing name that resonates with consumers, much more than Android. People who are used to Google Calendar, Gmail, Google Docs, Google News, Google Maps, and Google itself may be more likely to use a mobile wallet that carries this coveted moniker.

The seeds of Google Pay have been around since last October when the company launched Pay with Google. This option speeds up the checkout process similar to how PayPal works on many mobile sites. Select the “Pay with Google” option, and the program will automatically fill out your payment details and shipping address. The button has the Google G next to the word Pay, so it looks identical to the Google Pay logo.

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