Google Pay Now Available on Computers

May 3, 2018, Written By Bill Hardekopf
Google Pay Now Available on Computers

Consumers have been able to pay with Apple Pay from their computers since 2016, but now shoppers can also opt to use Google Pay when purchasing goods and services on their desktop or iOS computer.

Google Pay can be used on Chrome, Firefox or Safari. Shoppers simply need to have a payment card saved to either their Android Pay account or Google Wallet.

Not only can consumers use Google Pay to complete the transaction, the service will also quick-fill forms with key information, such as names and shipping address, to make checkout faster.

Another significant change is that iPhone users can also utilize Google Pay. However, they would need to enter their payment card information to Google Pay on their computer. They can then use Google Pay to complete transactions through a browser on their phone.

Not only will Google Pay make online transactions faster and more convenient, it may also make them safer. Since Apple Pay and Google Pay use unique tokens to process transactions instead of payment card details, users would not have to worry about their card information being stolen by hackers.

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