Google Pay Expands to Transit Tickets and Shopify

March 20, 2018, Written By John H. Oldshue
Google Pay Expands to Transit Tickets and Shopify

Google Pay made two major expansions over the past week.

The first was in the world of public transportation. Google announced Monday that riders on the Las Vegas Monorail can now store their transit tickets on Google Pay.

Las Vegas travelers can buy their tickets online through their phones and quickly save them to their mobile wallet. When they go to board, all they need is to have their phone turned on. They do not have to open the Google Pay app. Google also provides information for the closest Monorail station.

Las Vegas is the first location for transit ticket storage. Google plans to move into other markets in the future.

Also on Monday, Shopify announced it was integrating Google Pay into its online sales platform. Merchants who use Shopify to sell products online can now accept Google Pay as a payment option.

Over 70% of the traffic that goes to Shopify stores comes from mobile devices. The site already allows merchants to accept Apple Pay, in addition to credit and debit cards. Shopify charges different payment processing fees based on the type of account the merchant has, and they have a subscription fee for merchants who use third-party payment processors.

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