Google-Owned Navigation App Waze Adds Order-Ahead Feature

Google-Owned Navigation App Waze Adds Order-Ahead Feature

March 29, 2017         Written By Lynn Oldshue

The Google-owned navigation app Waze just added an order-ahead feature for popular restaurants. This service is only available for Dunkin Donuts, but will be available for other eateries in the future.

Waze is a “community-based traffic and navigation app” that helps drivers find the fastest, easiest routes to their chosen destination. The program has a ride-sharing service similar to Uber and Lyft, and can tell you when a friend is driving nearby. The maps are open to editing from the community, so people can warn each other about road blocks and traffic jams in real time.

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With the order-ahead feature, a user can select the Dunkin Donuts nearest to them in Waze, and then select their favorite menu items through the app. They can place their order and schedule a pickup at the store.

This feature isn’t ideal because it requires people to have the Dunkin Donuts app installed on their website, and users must sign up for DD Perks ahead of time. The need for a secondary app and a rewards account seems a little excessive, but it is designed to tie into Dunkin Donuts’ rewards program. Perks points can be applied to the order through Waze.

As The Verge pointed out, these extra features could pair well in the future with Google’s self-driving cars. Eventually, there may come a time when a program like Waze could be used on a Google car to select a destination, place an order, and pay for the purchase in one seamless, hassle-free process.

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