Google Cloud Now Complies with PCI Data Security Standards

Google Cloud Now Complies with PCI Data Security Standards

December 10, 2014         Written By Bill Hardekopf

Google announced last week that its Cloud Platform is now in compliance with the Data Security Standards set up by the Payment Card Industry. This means that developers can now use the Google Cloud Platform to handle credit card information.

Previously, Google had warned its developers that the cloud was not meant to be used to process and store credit cards. With the new compliance, developers can use Google’s platform to create credit card solutions which are compliant with PCI standards. The new option does not give developers the ability to store all of their existing credit card information on Google servers, but it does give them options for the future.

One example where developers benefit from the compliance is WePay.

“Google Cloud Platform will enable WePay to process our partners’ transactions in a fully scalable, highly available environment with robust security features,” said David Nye, Director of DevOps at WePay. “The new PCI DSS certification that Google Cloud Platform has achieved enables WePay to dynamically grow our infrastructure as fast as our business and our partners’ businesses demand.”

Google is offering support for developers who would like to build on the Google Cloud platform.

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