Google Assistant Can Now Control 87 LG Smart Appliances

September 26, 2017, Written By Lynn Oldshue
Google Assistant Can Now Control 87 LG Smart Appliances

LG is giving customers a new way to operate their appliances. All 87 Wi-Fi connected LG appliances can now be controlled with Google Assistant.

The voice controls vary by appliance. For instance, you can check on the load time for a washing machine or tell the fridge to make more ice. You can use Google Assistant on a Google Home speaker or a compatible Android device.

The program runs through the SmartThinQ app powered by LG. This app registers your voice and gives examples of commands to use on LG appliances.

Last month, Walmart announced they would allow voice-assisted ordering through Google Assistant. If LG tapped into this, shoppers may be able to order appliance-related items through Google Assistant to be shipped to their home.

GE launched a similar service in March. Users can order laundry supplies through Amazon Dash on their GE smart dryers. The service only currently works for dryer sheets, but the dryers are set to automatically order new sheets once the level reaches a certain point. LG and Google Assistant may have the opportunity to do far more than that through Walmart.

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