Google Adwords To Nix Credit Card Payments from Biggest Customers

Google Adwords To Nix Credit Card Payments from Biggest Customers

December 18, 2014         Written By Natalie Rutledge

Select Google Adwords users will no longer be able to pay their bills by credit card. Clients and advertising agents described as “Large Customer Sales” accounts will soon be switched to an invoicing process to cover their monthly charges.

According to a recent Twitter exchange with a client, a Google AdWords representative discussed how minimal this impact will be to most companies. She stated that “This change impacts only those in LCS on credit cards, <1% of all Adwords customers.”

She went on to say those who are impacted will be contacted by their account representatives about the changes.

Even though this change will affect a small portion of the customers, it could have a major impact on Google’s profit margins. These Large Customer Sales accounts make up a big percentage of the company’s overall Adwords sales, and the money Google pays out in credit card fees likely adds up to a hefty amount. This simple change could do wonders for the Adwords profitability without affecting the majority of Adwords customers.

Google has not yet announced an official date for the switch, so customers are encouraged to contact their support teams for details.

The information contained within this article was accurate as of December 18, 2014. For up-to-date
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