GM to Issue Debit Cards for Overstating Miles per Gallon on Select Vehicles

GM to Issue Debit Cards for Overstating Miles per Gallon on Select Vehicles

May 24, 2016         Written By John H. Oldshue

Drivers who purchased a 2016 Chevrolet Traverse, GMC Acadia, or Buick Enclave will soon be receiving a debit card worth up to $1,500. General Motors is issuing these cards as financial compensation for overstating the fuel economy of those vehicles by 1-2 miles per gallon.

Approximately 135,000 drivers in the United States and another 11,000 in Canada may be eligible to receive the debit cards, including those who are leasing one of those vehicles. People who actually purchased the vehicle also have the option to get an extended protection plan instead of the card—48 month/60,000 miles, instead of the factory 36 month/36,000 mile warranty.

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GM predicts most cards will be valued anywhere from $450 to $900, depending on the make of the vehicle and whether it was purchased or leased. The company will issue a letter to qualifying customers on Wednesday, May 25th, to notify them of the reimbursement. Those who choose to get the debit card should receive their cards in the mail within a few weeks.

The mileage discrepancies were discovered when GM engineers were working on the 2017 models. The adjustments varied between front wheel drive and all-wheel drive models, which is why some people will be getting more on their debit cards than others.

The information contained within this article was accurate as of May 24, 2016. For up-to-date
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