Global Payments Teams up with MasterPass

April 2, 2014, Written By Natalie Rutledge
Global Payments Teams up with MasterPass

The international payment processing provider Global Payments Inc. is now working with MasterPass for digital payments. The company believes that this partnership could take their services to an entirely new level, allowing them to make their way into online sales.

“Online sales continue to grow at a significant rate, driving increased competition and access to more consumers,” said Jay Rising, President of the American division of Global Payments, in a statement. “To attract and retain those consumers, merchants need to offer a consistent, simple shopping experience.”

Global Payments believes that allowing users to work with MasterPass for digital payments will give merchants more flexibility with their sales.

With MasterPass, customers can pay for items through their tablets or smartphones, with all of their credit card information stored within the secure MasterPass database. This process works much like modern day mobile wallets, and it gives people peace of mind about their payment information. Merchants who accept MasterPass through Global Payments can reach a larger group of clients.

“Consumers have an expectation, regardless of whether they are shopping in the physical or digital realm, for a secure and convenient experience,” said Michael Cyr, a group executive at MasterCard for U.S. Customer Delivery. “This simplicity keeps consumers happy, keeps them coming back and helps establish a merchant as a selected destination for commerce.”

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