GameStop Increases Marketing Efforts for New Store Credit Card

GameStop Increases Marketing Efforts for New Store Credit Card

October 15, 2014         Written By Natalie Rutledge

In an effort to build a larger audience for its store credit card, GameStop recently began issuing pre-approved email offers to members of its PowerUp Rewards loyalty program. The emails are only being sent to select members who are likely to fulfill the requirements necessary for the card.

The preapproval emails are fairly standard, illustrating the benefits of using the card and the bonuses you can get by signing up. The card still has an incredibly high 27% APR, which is not mentioned in the email. It does come with an introductory bonus and no annual fee.

In addition to the emails, GameStop is now asking their in-store associates to promote the card to customers when they make a purchase.

GameStop has more than 6,600 stores throughout the country, with most of its business coming from repeat customers. They have a significant customer base from which they can build a successful store card, especially since a new game console may cost around $400.

The store will most likely continue ramping up its efforts for the holiday season, so don’t be surprised if you hear about a credit card offer the next time you go to GameStop.

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