Fuel Rewards Expand the Ways Consumers Save Money on Gas

Fuel Rewards Expand the Ways Consumers Save Money on Gas

May 28, 2015         Written By Lynn Oldshue

Fuel Rewards is an innovative program designed to save people money on gas purchases they already may be making. The company has now expanded to a national merchant coalition, giving shoppers even more ways to earn rewards.

The new program is designed to benefit both merchants and shoppers without an extensive amount of effort for either party. Merchants may extend loyalty offers to consumers in exchange for access to insightful marketing information about how consumers in the Fuel Rewards system like to spend their money. The merchants do not have to invest in any special technology to see this information, and signing up for the program instantly markets their business in the Fuel Rewards platform.

From a consumer standpoint, Fuel Rewards members are now able to earn rewards at even more locations, which will ultimately lead to more savings. In the past three years, Fuel Rewards members have saved more than $500 million in fuel, which equates to an average of $0.25 per gallon.

The Fuel Rewards are primarily designed to be used at Shell gas stations, but there are other gas stations in the network as well. Users simply have to link their existing credit cards to their Fuel Rewards account and spend money like they normally would. Fuel Rewards will read the card data and use it to determine how much money a person can save per gallon of fuel.

Earlier this year, Fuel Rewards launched a mobile app that helps users find participating merchants and Shell gas stations in their area. The merchants that sign up for the new coalition will instantly be added to this application, promoting their products and services to five million Fuel Rewards members.

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