Free Uber Rides Available for Capital One Quicksilver Cardholders

June 15, 2016, Written By Bill Hardekopf
Free Uber Rides Available for Capital One Quicksilver Cardholders

Beginning today, Capital One Quicksilver and QuicksilverOne cardholders can earn free rides on Uber.

Uber’s first-ever in-app loyalty experience allows these Capital One cardholders to make every tenth Uber ride free, up to $15.

These cardholders simply add their Capital One Quicksilver or QuicksilverOne card as the payment method in the app. After paying for nine rides with one of these cards, the tenth ride will be free, up to $15. The app automatically adds the free ride onto their account, and keeps up with the number of rides they have taken.

The promotion begins today and runs through March 31, 2017. The free rides must be used by April 30, 2017. There is no limit to the number of free rides that can be earned. The Capital One cardholders must be residents of the United States.

Capital One and Uber have teamed up for several unique promotions in the past. Last year, Capital One Quicksilver and QuicksilverOne customers had an opportunity to earn a 20% statement credit when using these credit cards for Uber rides. The companies also offered free ice cream to Capital One Quicksilver customers on one day in July of 2015. And on one weekend in March of this year, the companies tested four free rides to people that used uberPOOL and paid with their Capital One card.

“Uber and Capital One have a history of creating unique experiences and delivering impactful savings for our riders,” said David Richter, Vice President, Strategic Initiatives at Uber. “Today we are excited to introduce a new in-app experience that will reward loyal Uber riders and Quicksilver customers with the ability to earn free rides and to choose when to use them.”

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