FlexControl Helps Cardholders Control Credit Card Payments

May 23, 2013, Written By Natalie Rutledge
FlexControl Helps Cardholders Control Credit Card Payments

U.S. Bank recently launched a new program known as FlexControl, which allows cardholders to manage the type of payments they make on their credit cards.

FlexControl lets consumers determine if they want to make payments in full and how long they want to spend paying off their debts. This simplifies credit card debt management.

With FlexControl, users can select their own payment due date for each of their cards so they can make sure each payment is covered on time. Users can also schedule weekly or biweekly payments if they wish to pay on their cards more than once a month. They can receive account alerts via email or text message for payments, transactions and balances. Information about their accounts can be viewed at any U.S. Bank ATM with just one PIN.

“U.S. Bank is making investments in our digital channels to ensure both prospects and customers have a very satisfying experience, whether they are on desktop or mobile devices,” said Jody Bhagat, Head of Online Sales at U.S. Bank. “We’re pleased to see that our ongoing enhancements intended to make it easy for consumers to do business with U.S. Bank are making a difference and being recognized.”


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