Firefighters Hope Citizens “Fill the Boot” with Credit Card Donations

May 20, 2014, Written By Justin Hefner
Firefighters Hope Citizens “Fill the Boot” with Credit Card Donations

Ever felt like donating to the “Fill the Boot” campaign but lacked the cash to do so? Now, one group of firefighters from Abilene, Texas has decided to accept credit card donations on behalf of their cause.

The Fill the Boot campaign runs in many cities throughout America. In most cases, firefighters stand on busy street corners with boots in their hands, and they collect money from passing cars. The workers in Abilene were forced to move their efforts to a parking lot due to new regulations about street collecting, so they chose to enhance their collecting abilities in the hopes of generating more money.

“It is a drive up procedure this year, they can just park and come in the trailer and give me the information so I can lock it up immediately,” said Lori Seymore, a member of the Abilene Fill the Boot campaign. She said that most people are still donating with cash, but at least now they have the option to do even more.

This local Fill the Boot campaign was able to raise more than $30,000 last year, but Seymore and her team are concerned about this year’s campaign since they will not be as visible and accessible. But they have now given citizens a convenient way to donate.

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