FICO’s Free Credit Score Estimator

August 2, 2010, Written By Bill Hardekopf
FICO’s Free Credit Score Estimator offers a free Fico Score Estimator that gives you a range prediction of what your credit score could be. This is a helpful and quick survey that provides a guess at your score. However, getting a copy of your credit score is the only way accurately know what your credit score is, and what is in your report. Get a free annual report at

The FICO Score Estimator asks ten questions about your loan activity: the number of credit cards you have; when you got your first loan; outstanding balances for loans and credit cards; missed payments; debt-to-credit limit ratio, etc.

At the end it gives your estimated range and also suggests FICO products for you to purchase. If you have never checked your credit score, the FICO Score Estimator is a good first step, but don’t stop here. You should get a copy of your credit score and credit report at least once a year to check for errors and understand what lenders see when they look at you.

Here are tips for improving your credit score from the LowCards Credit Card Guidebook.

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