FDA Stops 500+ Online Drug Retailers to Protect Consumer Health and Credit

September 25, 2017, Written By John H. Oldshue
FDA Stops 500+ Online Drug Retailers to Protect Consumer Health and Credit

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration recently took action against 500+ websites for selling unregulated versions of prescription medications and illicit drugs. The FDA issued warning letters to the operators of 401 websites and seized 100 website domains focused around online drug sales.

Buying unapproved medicine from an online pharmacy puts a person’s health and credit at risk. In many cases, these websites are designed to steal credit card information or bank account details. This data is sold on the dark web and used at some point in identity theft or credit card fraud.

If a website is indeed selling medicine not approved by the FDA, there is no way to guarantee that it is actually effective. The FDA sets strict guidelines for medications before they reach the market, including numerous clinical trials to prove they are safe for human consumption. Medication that has not gone through these tests could have serious health consequences.

Furthermore, medication sold online may be expired or contaminated, even if it came from the original manufacturer. That is why it is important to only purchase medications from regulated pharmacies. The FDA says a safe online pharmacy will have a physical address, will be licensed in the state in which it operates as well as the states where it is sold, will require a doctor’s prescription, and will have a licensed pharmacist available to answer questions.

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