A Faster Way to Order and Pay for Your Food

A Faster Way to Order and Pay for Your Food

May 26, 2015         Written By John H. Oldshue

OpenTable, a mobile payments platform that allows diners to pay for their meals before the check arrives, has partnered with NCR Corporation to expand its platform to even more restaurants. The “Pay with OpenTable” app will now be incorporated with the NCR Aloha POS system for restaurants and bars.

NCR’s Aloha POS is an innovative order and payment processing system that works off the cloud. Servers and cashiers are given handheld devices to process orders in real-time. There is no writing down information and typing it into a stationed terminal. The terminal is mobile, making the ordering process faster than ever before.

When a diner eats at a restaurant in the OpenTable system, he can see his entire tab on his smartphone before the meal even comes to the table. Pay with OpenTable allows a guest to pay before the server prints the check. He can pay on the phone and then leave whenever he wants. The server will see the check is paid and close it out accordingly. Then, the diner gets an email with the confirmation receipt.

Since NCR Aloha is a cloud-based POS, its technology is easily integrated with the OpenTable platform. As a company, NCR processes over 550 million transactions a day across several industries. Pay with OpenTable is currently only available in select cities, but perhaps the partnership with NCR will give the app the boost it needs to expand across the country.

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