Facebook Removes Fake Accounts Advertising SSNs and Credit Card Data

April 26, 2018, Written By Lynn Oldshue
Facebook Removes Fake Accounts Advertising SSNs and Credit Card Data

Facebook has removed several accounts that were used to publish Social Security Numbers, credit card numbers, and contact information for stolen identities. The social media platform was first notified of the accounts earlier this week when Motherboard made a report on the matter. Many of the accounts in question advertised having access to large databases of private information.

A Facebook spokesperson said, “Posts containing [this] information…are not allowed on Facebook, and we remove this material when we become aware of it.” Yet Motherboard pointed out that many of the posts had been on Facebook for years.

Two weeks ago, KrebsOnSecurity alerted Facebook of more than 120 private discussion groups promoting criminal activities. The discussions included wire fraud, tax refund scams and credit card fraud. The groups had more than 300,000 members. Facebook deleted the groups within hours of the notification.

This news comes in the wake of a much larger scandal. Facebook is currently facing backlash after a data leak compromised 87 million accounts in early April. The information from these accounts was collected in 2015 when participants agreed to take an online personality test. Facebook will be reaching out to anyone potentially affected by the breach, and at this time, there have been no reports of financial damages as a result of the incident.

The information contained within this article was accurate as of April 26, 2018. For up-to-date
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