Equifax Breach Affected Canadians and Brits As Well

September 20, 2017, Written By Bill Hardekopf
Equifax Breach Affected Canadians and Brits As Well

Equifax has confirmed their recent data breach, which affected approximately 143 million Americans, also resulted in the theft of the personal details of 100,000 Canadians. Criminals were able to access personal information such as names, addresses, social insurance numbers and, in some cases, credit card information.

“We apologize to Canadian consumers who have been impacted by this incident,” said Lisa Nelson, President and General Manager of Equifax Canada. “We understand it has also been frustrating that Equifax Canada has been unable to provide clarity on who was impacted until the investigation is complete. Our focus now is on providing impacted consumers with the support they need.”

The company has said that they are working with Canadian authorities and are offering free credit monitoring for a year to affected parties.

Reuters reported that 400,000 U.K. citizens were impacted as well.

This news is coming on the tail of Bloomberg’s report that Equifax suffered an earlier data breach in March 2017, which the company has since confirmed. Equifax has said the March breach is unrelated to the most recent incident.

“Equifax complied fully with all consumer notification requirements related to the March incident,” Equifax said in a statement. “The two events are not related.”

No information has been disclosed about what may have been stolen or how many people were affected by the March breach.

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