Z Energy Launches Tap and Pay

Z Energy Launches Tap and Pay

April 2, 2013         Written By Lynn Oldshue

Tired of the time it takes to swipe your card at the pump? Z Energy wants to eliminate that problem through a new tap and pay system at their fueling stations. Rather than swiping your credit card like normal, you can simply tap it against a screen. This is supposed to save time and minimize mechanical defectiveness, if everything goes according to plan.

In order to use this new contactless system, customers will need to have a card compatible with Visa payWave or MasterCard PayPass. Visa has an $80 limit for PIN-free transactions, but most Americans spend less than that filling up on fuel. A spokesman for Z Energy said the average consumer only spends $55 on gas, well within Visa’s limits. In the event that a customer tries to charge more than $80 on a card, he or she will simply be asked to enter a PIN to complete payment. The entire process will still be faster than the current one.

Z Energy has spent $12 million upgrading their pumps, but they think their customers will appreciate the transformation. The new system is said to be three times faster than cash payments and four times faster than normal card payments.

If you have a Z Energy station in your area, expect to see a new pump in the next few months. It will take quite some time for the company to distribute the new pumps across the entire market, but they seem determined to accomplish this as soon as possible.

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