Elo Touchscreens Bring Digital Atmosphere to Stores

February 8, 2017, Written By Natalie Rutledge
Elo Touchscreens Bring Digital Atmosphere to Stores

Even when shopping in a brick-and-mortar store, many consumers are looking for a digital experience, and Elo touchscreens is trying to meet that need. Elo has provided touch screen technology to various industries, including retail, medical and hospitality. They have installed over 20 million touchscreen products in over 80 countries.

In retail, Elo is providing digital signage, self-order kiosks, touch POS and mPOS offerings. Additionally, their SaaS platform makes it easy to install digital systems in stores. Retailers simply need to take their existing Android-based mobile apps and integrate them with the hardware.

Another benefit of in-store digital products is that it can help brick-and-mortar stores match the online experience by creating an endless-aisle functionality. One of the problems of the in-store experience is that there is limited space, which can lead to retailers missing out on sales.

Luke Wildwerding, director of retail solutions at Elo, gave an example to PYMNTS.com of someone shopping at a sporting goods store. A shopper is looking for a particular item but cannot find it in his size.

“I found what I wanted,” he said, “checked the quality, and then, I left and bought through another channel. If they offered an endless aisle option or assisted selling option, I likely would have placed that order in-store immediately. Many are fighting that same challenge.”

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