Dynamics Offers Artistic Credit Cards

Dynamics Offers Artistic Credit Cards

September 18, 2013         Written By Natalie Rutledge

Back in August, we reported on the Dynamics ePlate credit card, an innovative idea that enables this credit card company to do business without the magnetic strip.

One of the perks of the ePlate program is the ability to print something unique in place of the bland strip, and Dynamics has decided to take advantage of that.

Now the credit card company is letting a select group of artists promote their work on Dynamics credit cards. These artists earn a portion of the purchases made on the cards, and they get to showcase their work at the same time.

The artwork on the cards cannot be seen anywhere else. Artists earn 1% of the transactions made with the fee version of the card and 0.5% for the non-fee card. Thus, on a $100 transaction at the grocery store, the artist would get $1. This will add up over time.

The artists aren’t the only ones benefiting from the cards. Consumers do, too. For every $5,000 spent on the fee version card, a consumer gets a $350 signed print from the artist on the card. Other rewards apply for the fee-free version.

The annual fee on the fee-version of the card is $99, a rather steep annual fee.

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