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Why Save Money?

If you live paycheck to paycheck with the help of credit cards, you probably feel the grip of financial stress. Financial difficulties are also a large factor in divorces. It is also likely that you are working in a job that you are not crazy about just to pay the bills.

During this age of layoffs and bankruptcies, very few people have true job security. What happens to your family if you are laid off or become injured and can’t work? The good news is you can take control of your money if you are willing to have discipline to stick to your budget and get out of debt.

Money is not the meaning of life. However, wise money management will make your life easier with more peace and security. Travel and entertainment are much more enjoyable if you have saved and budgeted for them.

Having an emergency fund means you are not wiped out when the unexpected hits. Reaching financial independence means you can work at a job that you enjoy. Saving enough for retirement means you can enjoy your retirement
years doing what you want to do. An increasing number of senior citizens are working full time to pay the bills. Saving for purchases and paying cash means you don’t have to pay twice the purchase price. It does not make sense
to pay $1,000 for a $500 television.

You are the only person that is responsible for paying for your retirement. Not the government or the corporation you work for. If you depend on them for your financial future, you may find yourself without enough money to even pay the bills.

Most importantly, budgeting and saving is one of the most important values you can pass on to your kids.