Dumb and Dumber? Thief Uses Stolen Debit Card in Front of Real Cardholder

Dumb and Dumber? Thief Uses Stolen Debit Card in Front of Real Cardholder

November 20, 2014         Written By Bill Hardekopf

Not all credit card thieves are brilliant hackers that spend months coding their way to the perfect crime. Some simply pick up a debit card in a parking lot and try to use it. Such is the case with a thief in Atlanta who tried to use the stolen card directly in front of the original cardholder.

The woman who owns the card, Tamara Thomas, noticed that it was missing while shopping at a supermarket, and she assumed she accidently dropped it earlier in the day. When she went to Family Dollar to buy headache medicine, she saw a man, woman and child “shopping like it was Christmas. I looked at them grabbing toys and thought, ‘Someone hit the lottery.'”

The cardholder thought the ordeal looked a little suspicious, so she got behind the family in the checkout line. She then watched as the man tried to pay for $200 of toys with her custom Wells Fargo card.

“I said, ‘Dude, that’s my card. Give me my card please,'” Thomas told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. “He says, ‘This is my wife’s card.’ I said, ‘No the hell it isn’t. Not with a picture of me, my daughter and puppy on the front. Give me my card.'”

The man, Kahlif Buggs, made a dash for the door with his wife and son. He was later caught by police with the debit card still in his possession. The man apologized for his actions and asked if he could pay for the purchases he had made on the card, including a case of beer.

He also had another person’s card on him when the police detained him.

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