Domino’s Pizza App Used by Thieves in Credit Card Scheme

Domino’s Pizza App Used by Thieves in Credit Card Scheme

December 17, 2014         Written By Lynn Oldshue

Domino’s Pizza saw an unexpected spike in sales recently on their smartphone app, but it wasn’t because customers suddenly got a craving for pizza. It turned out that a group of credit card thieves had been using the app to test stolen credit card numbers to determine if they were valid.

Police officers in Brooklyn started getting suspicious when they saw a surge of Facebook users with “Who wants pizza?” posted on their wall. This seemingly-innocent statement was being posted by credit card thieves trying to order pizza through the Domino’s Pizza app to see which cards were still active and legitimate. The cards that processed were then used to make larger purchases online.

If a credit card was processed successfully, the pizza would be delivered to the cardholder, not the thief. One 17-year-old said he didn’t order any pizza, but it arrived at his address and he took it as a free offering. This was the case with several other customers as well, who simply did not question getting free pizza. Those customers were soon arrested and taken to the police station for questioning. They were later released when officers determined the real problem.

Domino’s was completely innocent in this scheme. They did not play a part in helping people gather stolen credit card numbers. The company has been alerted of the scheme and has been told to be on the lookout for any suspicious activity in the future.

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