Do Credit Scores Impact Online Dating Experiences?

February 13, 2019, Written By Lynn Oldshue
Do Credit Scores Impact Online Dating Experiences?

Does having a good credit score make you more likely to find success with online dating? How do experiences compare between prime and non-prime daters (credit scores above 700 vs. credit scores below 700)?

According to the 2019 Singles Study from Elevate’s Center for the New Middle Class, people with prime credit scores are more likely to say they’ve had a positive experience with a dating app. However, prime men have a higher level of satisfaction than prime women, while non-prime men and women have the same satisfaction rate.

Regardless of credit score, singles rated these as the top factors in selecting someone to date: trust, honesty, communication, compatibility and sexual chemistry.

When it comes to job stability, 86% of women with non-prime credit scores said this was an important factor compared to only 59% of non-prime men. This coincides with how men and women view dating someone who is unemployed. Over 60% of prime and non-prime women said they would be hesitant to date someone without a job, compared to 47% of prime men and 38% of non-prime men.

Despite differences in dating preferences, credit scores seem to have little impact on whether the adult was currently in a relationship: 19% of prime respondents were in a relationship but not living together, as opposed to 21% of non-prime respondents; and 35% of prime and 38% of non-prime singles were dating casually. The largest group, 46% of prime and 42% of non-prime respondents, were not dating at the time of the survey.

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