Do Credit Cards Ease Stress While Traveling?

February 8, 2018, Written By Natalie Rutledge

According to the newly released Visa Global Travel Intentions Study, traveling with cash is a primary concern for global travelers. Survey participants rated the loss or theft of cash as the highest source of stress, scoring 5.1 out of 7 (1 being not concerned at all, 7 being very concerned).

On average, travelers bring $778 with them to fund their trip. The total average cost is $1,793, which suggests that travelers do rely on credit cards to pay for some of their expenses. 72% of travelers get their foreign currency prior to leaving the country to ensure they will have money when they reach their destination.

The high stress associated with cash may suggest consumers feel more comfortable using credit cards, but that may not be the case. Payment card fraud was the second highest concern, scoring 5 out of 7 on Visa’s scale. Other worries included merchant fees for using cards (4.9), the cost of using an ATM overseas (4.9), the potential for a credit card dispute (4.6) and the accessibility of compatible ATMs (4.5).

The ideal scenario for traveling is to have a mixture of payment cards and cash. Make sure the cards can be used in your destination country, and alert your card provider about your trip ahead of time. That will reduce the chance of a dispute from the card’s fraud department.

You can also store your card information in a mobile wallet. Digital wallet fraud was considered less concerning than payment card fraud, and many travelers were not worried about merchants accepting digital wallets overseas. Determine which wallet to use based on the country you are visiting, and you will have backup funding as long as you have your phone.

If you plan to travel with cash, convert your extra money to U.S. currency when you return to the States. 87% of respondents say they have cash leftover after a trip, but only 29% convert that money when they get back. The average leftover cash is $123, which could help fund your next global adventure.

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