Disney and Chase Renew Long-Term Co-Branded Credit Card Deal

September 19, 2017, Written By Lynn Oldshue
Disney and Chase Renew Long-Term Co-Branded Credit Card Deal

Today, Disney and Chase announced a multi-year extension for their co-branded credit card agreement. The two companies have had a relationship for nearly 15 years.

Currently, the two companies offer the Disney Premier Visa Card, Disney Visa Card, and Disney Visa Debit Card. The credit cards come with a variety of perks, including exclusive photo opportunities at Disney parks, and reduced prices on Disney Theme Parks and Resorts tickets.

The Disney Visa Card has a rewards program where cardholders can earn 1% rewards dollars on all purchases. Rewards dollars expire 60 days after the billing cycle in which they were earned, according to the Disney Rewards terms. A significant percentage of credit card rewards have no expiration date, so this 60-day expiration may be disappointing to some consumers. The card comes with a variable 16.99% APR.

The Disney Visa Debit Card provides similar savings to the credit cards, but it does not have a rewards program. However, since the card is backed by Chase, cardholders can withdraw money for free from 16,000 Chase ATMs in the United States.

All of the Disney co-branded cards come with smartchip technology. Chase currently has 10 Disney-themed card designs to choose from, including three Star Wars designs. These designs may change throughout the year.

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