Discover to Launch Google Glass App in 2014

Discover to Launch Google Glass App in 2014

February 25, 2014         Written By Lynn Oldshue

Discover Financial Services recently announced that it will be launching an application that will work on Google Glass. The new Discover app will bring basic account information to the innovative eyepieces.

Google Glass is a form of eyewear that allows users to access helpful tools on the Internet directly through their glasses. These glasses are currently available in limited supply to beta testers throughout the country. The testers must apply through Google to buy the glasses, and those approved are charged $1,400 for a set of glasses. A widespread launch of Glass will come about later this year, where the glasses are expected to be around $300 a pair.

Users who wish to download the Discover app will be able to check their current account balance, available credit, cash back bonuses and the last 16 transactions on the account.

There is no fee for Discover for Glass, but there may be a charge for data usage through the Internet provider associated with the spectacles. Users will need a Google account to use the app, but that is available free through Google.

Discover is the pioneer for this technology, but other credit card providers may soon follow suit.

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