Discover Cards Are Now Compatible with Garmin Pay

January 28, 2019, Written By Bill Hardekopf
Discover Cards Are Now Compatible with Garmin Pay

Discover cardholders now have another contactless payment solution to utilize.

The company announced today that Discover cards are compatible with Garmin Pay, a digital wallet available for Garmin smartwatches, running watches, and lifestyle active watches.

Garmin Pay is powered by FitPay, an encrypted payment platform for wearables. To set up Garmin Pay, users must first download the Garmin Connect Mobile App on their smartphone. After the setup is complete, the watch acts as the digital wallet. The phone does not have to be present for a transaction.

After downloading the app, users can add cards to their wallet through the Garmin Pay portal. The wallet supports Visa, Mastercard and Discover cards from participating banks. Garmin Pay will send an email or text for identity authentication, and then the card will be stored securely in the digital wallet.

To protect the account, users must create a four digit PIN for their Garmin Pay accounts. Then, they can make a payment on their smartwatch, using the PIN to verify identity. The PIN is only requested once every 24-hours.

Discover cards are compatible with many other mobile wallets, including Samsung Pay and Apple Pay. Cardholders can still earn rewards on their cards even if they complete the transaction with a mobile wallet. Apple users can also redeem their rewards through Apple Pay.

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