Discover Bank Helps Military Spouses Work from Home

Discover Bank Helps Military Spouses Work from Home

June 20, 2013         Written By Bill Hardekopf

Military spouses often struggle to maintain jobs because their husbands or wives have to move around so often. While some are happy with being stay-at-home parents, others feel the need to contribute to the household income.

Discover Bank is responding to this desire by allowing military spouses to work for Discover from home. They supply all of the training and equipment for the job, so the spouses can start working right away.

This new program is conducted through Discover’s call center. After training, workers are first put in charge of taking account applications over the phone. Then, they can move up to billing and other phone-based departments based on their progress with the company. The spouses are allowed to work wherever they go, as long as they have access to a landline phone. This broadens their opportunities to work and stay close to their loved ones.

At this time, Dover is the only area to offer this program, but it is expected to expand in the coming years.

“We always knew that the chances of them being deployed somewhere else is probably pretty high. We wanted to be able to support that,” said Discover’s Regional Operations Director of Customer Service & Engagement Jeff Moran. “Because the technology is transferable, they should be able to take that with them.”

If you are a military spouse in need of work, contact Discover and see if there are any opportunities available for you.

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