DipJar–A Credit Card Tip Jar

DipJar–A Credit Card Tip Jar

February 5, 2014         Written By Lynn Oldshue

Have you ever wanted to leave a tip at an establishment but didn’t because you only had credit cards? What if there was a tip jar available that was designed specifically for credit cards?

Enter DipJar, a tip jar for a cashless world.

DipJar is a large jar with a credit card machine inside into which you “dip” your card. The jar is designed to take out $1 every time you swipe your card. The money is collected like any other credit card transaction, and the business can distribute the money to their employees.

DipJar was designed by Ryder Kessler, a recent graduate from Columbia University. He said that he got the idea when he went into a bar and noticed the tip jar was completely empty.

“The employees were working just as hard and making less money, the store was losing out on incentives for good service, and customers like me who liked the convenience of paying with plastic had no way to tip. I thought that the simplicity of a cash tip jar—just drop your dollar bill in—should have a credit card equivalent. That’s how the idea for DipJar was born.”

The aesthetic design of DipJar took a while to develop, but eventually Kessler and industrial designer Simon Enever came up with an aluminum can with a brightly colored insert.

DipJar is currently being beta tested at a few select locations. The designers hope to expand its reach by the end of the year.

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