Defendants Can Now Use Credit Cards for Bail

May 5, 2014, Written By Lynn Oldshue
Defendants Can Now Use Credit Cards for Bail

Defendants in a small town jail may now post bail with a credit or debit card. The City Council in Trussville, Alabama approved the resolution last week.

Judge Carl Chamblee was the one who pushed for the attorney general to approve of credit and debit cards as cash payments for bail. Those who have been arrested and jailed can swipe away their fines, costs and fees, and gain release.

While this may seem a bit controversial to some, it should make for a more efficient judicial system in the area. Rather than waiting on a friend to pull money out of the bank, defendants can pay for themselves just by using a card. The court can potentially tack on a fee to generate extra income for the city and to pay processing fees.

This could set a precedent for other cities in Alabama and perhaps the rest of the country.

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