'Decision Manager Replay' Offers Real-Time Fraud Analytics

'Decision Manager Replay' Offers Real-Time Fraud Analytics

October 29, 2015         Written By Lynn Oldshue

CyberSource has launched Decision Manager Replay, a fraud analytics tool which gives merchants the ability to analyze and adjust online fraud management strategies.

Decision Manager Replay allows merchants to perform a “what if” fraud strategy analysis. With the program, a merchant could analyze a batch of recent transactions using the system. They will use more or less stringent risk levels to test the transactions for fraud. The analytics program will then generate a report that confirms whether or not a transaction was fraudulent. It will also report which may have been mistakenly flagged.

The analysis takes only a few moments, and merchants will be able to adjust their system to make sure they’re not denying valid transactions or sending information to fraud analysts for added review when it is not necessary.

“Merchants create rules and parameters in their fraud management systems that determine whether a transaction is accepted or denied, based on risk levels,” said Andre Machicao, senior vice president of CyberSource. “In some cases, the parameters they set might be overly cautious, causing them to lose legitimate, safe business unnecessarily. CyberSource’s new capability allows merchants to back test prior transactions to see what would have happened if they had set different rules.”

Currently, according to the 2015 CyberSource North American Fraud Benchmark Report, 27% of online orders will be routed to fraud analysts for manual review. Of those, 85% are deemed valid and accepted.

Decision Manager is the online fraud management platform of CyberSource, a Visa company.

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