D.C. Taxi Drivers File Suit Over Credit Card Payment Program

D.C. Taxi Drivers File Suit Over Credit Card Payment Program

November 6, 2013         Written By Justin Hefner

Cabbies in Washington D.C. have begun implementing credit card machines in their vehicles for the past few months, and the program has not been smooth or successful. Recently, a major glitch has caused a delay in payment that is making D.C. cab drivers protest the program.

As part of the new program, cabbies have to install expensive machines, brighter dome lights, and new paint on their cabs. This is the most expensive overhaul of D.C. cabs in nearly 30 years. With the delay in payments, cab drivers and business owners don’t have the money to cover their costs. One driver says he’s been waiting on close to $1,500 for over two weeks.

Five drivers have filed suit with the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia to put a stop on the program. One of their arguments is that the new policies discriminate against older drivers because the new dome lights have to be operated from outside the vehicle.

“They try to portray us as being against modernization, but we’re not. It’s just total chaos,” said one of the five drivers, Ahmed Djebbour.

Officials at Hitch, the credit card processing company responsible for the delay, are working diligently to get money out to the upset drivers. Even if their payments go through, some D.C. cabbies are trying to put a stop to this new system.

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