Possible Card Breach with Chicago Taxis

March 4, 2014, Written By Justin Hefner

First American Bank is encouraging people in the Chicago area not to use debit or credit cards in Chicago taxicabs. The company has tracked down multiple cases of fraud involving customers who used their cards to pay their cab fare, and they believe there could be more problems to come.

At least 11 customers in the Elk Grove Village branch of First American Bank have been victims of unauthorized charges after using their cards to pay for a taxi in Chicago. While this number may seem small, it is an indication of a much larger problem if other branches continue to investigate similar charges. First American Bank has already cancelled more than 220 cards to prevent further identity theft for its patrons.

“We found a common point of compromise, and that common point of compromise was ‘ChiTaxi,'” said Christine Childers of First American Bank. This is the payment code used by a number of cab services in the Chicago area, including Blue Diamond, Yellow, Checker and American United Taxi Companies.

Childers went on to defend her bank and its association with the problem, saying, “I can’t imagine that it’s isolated to our debit cards because the breach isn’t happening here. It’s happening after the card is swiped in the payment process.”

For now, representatives at First American Bank are encouraging their customers to pay cash for their taxi rides, and get new cards if they have not already received one.

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