Data Breach May Affect 465,000 Chase Cardholders

Data Breach May Affect 465,000 Chase Cardholders

December 10, 2013         Written By Bill Hardekopf

A recent hack of JPMorgan Chase’s computer services may have exposed personal information for individuals who received their tax refunds, child support and unemployment benefits on prepaid cash cards this year.

Chase oversees the debit card program for several New England states. The breach could have impacted as many as 465,000 accounts. Only 7,000 were for taxpayer refunds. The rest are for unemployment and child support accounts.

The breach took place between July and September. Chase reports no money was taken from these accounts, but personal data may have been compromised on some of these cardholders.

There is no news yet about the specific personal information that was exposed during the hack, but the Connecticut State Treasurer Denise Nappier says that the organization will be holding Chase responsible for any repercussions to come. Nappier also says that Chase is expected to take immediate action to protect this information in the present and future.

If you are someone who has a government debit card for tax refunds, child support, unemployment, or other payments, watch for strange transactions on your other financial accounts. Keep an eye on your bank account, credit cards, and everything else to ensure that fraudulent charges are caught right away.

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