Cyber Monday Was a Big Win for Amazon and Small Businesses

November 29, 2017, Written By Bill Hardekopf
Cyber Monday Was a Big Win for Amazon and Small Businesses

Today, Amazon confirmed that Cyber Monday 2017 was “the single biggest shopping day worldwide in the company’s history.” The previous record occurred earlier this year on Prime Day, a one-day sales event in July that gives exclusive discounts to Amazon Prime members.

The Echo Dot was the top-selling item on both days.

Cyber Monday wasn’t just a victory for Amazon though. Small businesses that sell through the site also benefited from the hype. Jeff Wilke, CEO of Amazon’s Worldwide Consumer sector, said, “Customers ordered nearly 140 million items from small businesses alone” on Cyber Monday. This was part of the “hundreds of millions of products” they purchased from Thanksgiving Day to Cyber Monday (a period Amazon refers to as the Turkey 5).

Adobe predicted Cyber Monday online sales would reach $6.6 billion in America this year, with total sales for the Turkey 5 reaching $20 billion. Small businesses that do not sell on Amazon still saw success over the weekend with $2.5 billion in online sales on Small Business Saturday. This day was the second biggest in-store shopping day for the weekend, with 55 million customers making their way to local mom and pop shops.

The biggest shopping days of the year may be past, but there is still a full month of Christmas purchases that consumers will make.

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