Croatian Soccer Coach Fired for Stealing Player’s Credit Card for Liquor

Croatian Soccer Coach Fired for Stealing Player’s Credit Card for Liquor

April 25, 2013         Written By Lynn Oldshue

Josip Gašpar was once a successful soccer star with a thriving career. After he retired as a player in Croatia, he took on the role of a coach for Prečko Zagreb. This month though, everything changed. Josip was fired from his job for stealing a player’s credit card. What did he buy with it? Jagermeister.

The coach was able to successfully use the card once, where he bought 36 bottles of “jager” that amounted to 3,956 kune (roughly $676 USD). When he tried to use the card a second time though, it was declined. That is when the investigation began. The store’s security camera caught Josip on film for both attempts, and he was quickly arrested for identity theft and credit card fraud.

Josip got a hold of the credit card by taking it from the locker room. Security cameras in the locker room captured that act as well, sealing the lid on this case for good. The coach was then relieved from his duties with the soccer club and left to appear in court. The exact punishment for his crime is still unknown.

This just goes to prove that anyone can be victim of credit card fraud. You may recall an article we recently ran about Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts. He too fell victim to card fraud, though not quite in the same way. Protect your wallet as much as possible, and keep an eye on your accounts at all times. You never know when someone might be looking to steal your card.

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