Credit Suisse Launches Private Banking App in Singapore

Credit Suisse Launches Private Banking App in Singapore

March 24, 2015         Written By Natalie Rutledge

Credit Suisse launched a new digital banking platform last week that gives banks in Singapore the ability to offer app-based wealth management services to their customers. The platform comes with a simple user interface, complete with trading tools, portfolio analytics and client collaboration connectivity.

The new platform will give clients an easy way to access their relationship managers from Credit Suisse, as well as other parties who influence their wealth management. The app provides an overview of a customer’s portfolio valuations and performance liquidity, the available funds to invest, asset and currency allocations, income and expenditure, and histories of transactions and cash activities.

Currently, the app is only available for the iPad, but new versions should come out soon for iPhone, Android and web browsers.

While Credit Suisse did choose Singapore as its starting point for the platform, the company has plans to expand to the United States, Switzerland and other parts of Europe over the next year.

“Asia Pacific is the fastest growing region for our Private Banking business, with some of the biggest and most rapidly expanding wealth pools in the world,” Francesco de Ferrari, the company’s Private Banking Asia Pacific head, said in a statement.

With regards to the platform, Credit Suisse’s CEO for Region Americas Robert Shafir said, “Digitalizing our private banking services is good for our clients, our relationship managers and Credit Suisse as a whole.”

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