Credit Card Thieves Now Targeting Gas Pumps

Credit Card Thieves Now Targeting Gas Pumps

September 23, 2013         Written By Justin Hefner

Credit card skimming is certainly not a new concept, but identity thieves are using this mechanism in a new way these days. In addition to using these devices with restaurants or ATMs, they are now installing them on gas pumps.

Credit card skimmers are small devices that look like standard credit card slots. The difference is that these illegal mechanisms have memory sticks that track the credit card information that goes into them.

In the case of gas pump skimming, a person will install the tracker and come back to check on it later on that day. Some high tech skimmers are embedded with Bluetooth technology so the thieves don’t have to risk going back to the pump. They can pull the information remotely and to wreak havoc on your financial life.

The skimmed information could be used to print fake credit cards, which is what some thieves choose to do. But others feel this poses a risk because these cards can be tracked easily. Thus, the criminals have embarked on another innovation: buying gas with fake credit card numbers and selling the gas for cash.

To avoid problems from thieves like this, you may want to consider paying for gas in cash when possible. If you choose to pay by plastic, monitor your credit card statement regularly and report any suspicious activity you find. Your credit card company should reverse any faulty charges and get you back on track.

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