Credit Card Thieves Pose as Police on the Phone

Credit Card Thieves Pose as Police on the Phone

October 23, 2013         Written By Lynn Oldshue

The residents of Darien, Illinois are being hounded on the phone by credit card thieves. Their scam involves calling residents of the area and requesting credit card information while they pose as police officers.

The scammers call about an “investigation” they are running, and they ask for more information from the credit card holders. In this case, the men are pretending to be police officers to give them more credibility, but fortunately, no one has yet reported falling for their tactics.

Fans of the movie Identity Theft may have a better understanding of scams like this. In that movie, an innocent man has his identity stolen because he gave out personal details to what he thought was an identity theft protection company.

Phone based scams happen every day in this country, and you have to be very careful about falling into them. Never give out personal information on the phone unless you are 100% confident you are talking to a reliable source. You might end up in a lot of trouble if you say the wrong things to the wrong people.

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