New Card Skimmers Steal Information at the ATM’s Door

New Card Skimmers Steal Information at the ATM’s Door

March 30, 2015         Written By Lynn Oldshue

Information-stealing credit card skimmers are far from “new” technology, but the latest ones take the skimming process to a new level.

Law enforcement officials have discovered skimmers on the outside of enclosed ATM hubs where a person must swipe a card to gain entry. The devices are put in place of the card reader on the door, and are used to steal a person’s information before he even reaches the ATM.

The door skimmers are coupled with a small camera near the ATM that is designed to record a person’s PIN. This gives the scammers a chance to get the information they need without having to compromise the actual ATM. Due to the surge of credit card skimming over the last few years, many ATM manufacturers have found new ways to protect their users against skimmers. So thieves continue to get more creative.

This may seem like a reason to panic, but chances are it will have little impact in the long run. Over the next few months, banks and credit card issuers will all be shifting to EMV cards, which will be much harder to duplicate than magnetic strip cards. Skimmers could become almost obsolete when that happens.

Brian Krebs from Krebs on Security also noted most ATM vestibules can be accessed with any card with a magnetic strip. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a credit or debit card.

“Next time you pass one of these ATM vestibules on the street, whip out your library card or ID card and see for yourself,” said Krebs.

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