Credit Card Skimmer Found in NYC Metro Machine

April 17, 2014, Written By Lynn Oldshue
Credit Card Skimmer Found in NYC Metro Machine

If you are a New York Metro rider, you may want to keep a close eye on the MetroCard vending machines you use to pay for your ticket. The Metropolitan Transportation Authority recently found a skimmer and camera that was used to steal credit card information.

The camera, combined with a credit card skimmer in the machine, can be used to record a person’s PIN or zip code after swiping the card. The skimmer tracks the card information, while the camera tracks the verification information. That is all someone needs to create a fake card and start spending.

The camera was built into a plug adapter that was attached to the top of one machine at the 59th Street-Columbus Circle station. Its only visible element is a tiny hole at the bottom of the adapter. It is amazing that a customer was able to spot it.

This is not the first time the MTA has found a machine like this. They recommend that customers use EasyPay instead of vending machines because this loads the card automatically when it is used. Users simply have to sign up for a free account and enter their information online. They do not have to worry about security risks with credit card skimmers.

Watch out for cameras and other devices when you use your credit card, and as always, monitor your card’s statement on a regular basis.

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