New Credit Card Protects Seniors

New Credit Card Protects Seniors

August 15, 2013         Written By Natalie Rutledge

Credit cards didn’t exist when today’s senior citizens were young, so they went through a good portion of their lives paying cash for most of their purchases. But in today’s society, it is hard to make some transactions without a credit card, and this presents quite a challenge to the caregivers of the elderly. Especially with the high incidence of fraud and identity theft.

Fortunately, a new card on the market may help these individuals avoid overspending and reduces the risk of credit card fraud.

True Link Financial now offers a prepaid card designed with senior citizens in mind. With this card, a caregiver or family member can set up a direct deposit for a portion of a senior’s pension plan to give him or her a budget to work within.

The caregiver may also block certain types of purchases from occurring, like those for online shopping or toll-free numbers. The card comes with a built-in fraud blocker that will alert the caregiver if a suspicious charge comes up. Then, the person can accept or decline the charge and assess the overall situation.

The fee for using the card is $20 a year, which seems a small price to pay for this protection. It was primarily designed for seniors, but parents could also use this as a first card for their children.

This prepaid card is all about monitoring expenses and making sure someone else’s finances are protected.

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