Credit Card Fraud Investigation Turns into Pot Bust

March 10, 2014, Written By Lynn Oldshue

The investigation of a counterfeit credit card operation in New Jersey quickly turned into a major pot bust.

Police officers in Egg Harbor Township began tracking the case in January when a couple was suspected of placing a number of counterfeit credit cards in circulation. When the officers inspected the home of Luis Alba and Miluska Jimenez-Espinoza, they were not expecting to find a large marijuana-growing facility inside.

A total of 87 marijuana plants were removed from the home in early March, holding a street value of $175,000. Police also recovered an additional $25,000+ worth of stolen merchandise, diesel fuel and even electric service used to grow the plants inside the home.

Recently, we shared a story about a Tennessee identity theft operation that was discovered when police officers followed the scent of marijuana coming from a hotel room. These instances show how common it is for criminals to commit more than one crime at any given time.

Alba was charged with credit card fraud, distribution of marijuana and other offenses, which lead him to spend time in Atlantic County Jail. Jimenez-Espinoza was charged with credit card fraud and released on a summons.

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