Costco Cardholders to Receive New Credit Card Numbers

Costco Cardholders to Receive New Credit Card Numbers

February 3, 2016         Written By Bill Hardekopf

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Now that Visa and Citi are replacing American Express as Costco’s credit card provider, existing cardholders will be receiving new credit cards sporting the Visa and Citi logos. The new cards will also come with new card numbers, as American Express has a different numbering structure than Visa.

How will the new card number impact your credit? For the most part, you should see no negative ramifications on your credit. The bureaus will be given the updated numbers to tie into the existing account history. Consumers will not need to worry about losing the longevity of their credit account histories. The timeline will simply be transferred to the new card number.

The transition between American Express and Citi isn’t expected to occur until March 31, so the new cards may be distributed after that date.

American Express is doing what it can to maintain its current Costco customers by promoting cards like the Blue Cash Everyday to TrueEarnings users. If you choose to apply for these cards to keep your American Express status, there may be a hard inquiry on your credit report. There should not be a hard inquiry for the transition from the American Express card to the Citi card because you do not have to reapply for the card.

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