Conducting A Year-End Credit Card Analysis

December 27, 2012, Written By Natalie Rutledge

As 2012 comes to a close, it is a perfect time to conduct a year-end credit card analysis. Analyze your credit cards and make sure you’re starting out the New Year in good financial shape.

Identify Your Cards

Compile a list of all your current credit cards that are active. The easiest way to do this is by accessing your free yearly credit report.

Identify The Details Of Each Card

List the details of each card including the interest rate, cash advance rate, rewards program information and annual fee. You should also include the date you opened the account as well as your credit limit. Make a table so you can easily look at this data once you compile it.

Identify Your Card Usages

How do you use each of your credit cards? List the three most important ways you use your credit card, whether it is for financing purchases or for everyday use. Then, make a list of what is important for you in a credit card–a low interest rate, a strong rewards program, or something else?

Identify What Cards Should Stay And What Cards Should Go

If all cards are equal, keep the older accounts since the longevity of an account can be beneficial to your credit score. Eliminate newer cards that have a higher interest rate or a poor rewards payout.

Identify Any New Credit Card Needs

Identify if you have a need for a new credit card. If you have a significant balance on a high interest card, you may consider a balance transfer card with a promotional 0% rate. Do you need more rewards points? Do you need a higher credit limit? Spend time analyzing your data to see what type of new card you need, then use a credit card comparison site like LowCards to find the best card based on your exact needs.

This is a perfect time to set yourself up for financial success in the New Year. So take some time today to analyze your credit cards. It could save you significant money down the road.

The information contained within this article was accurate as of December 27, 2012. For up-to-date
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