eBay’s Close 5 Brings Local Selling to Another Level

eBay’s Close 5 Brings Local Selling to Another Level

December 15, 2014         Written By Natalie Rutledge

When some people think about buying locally, they hop over to Craigslist and see what they can find. The problem with Craigslist is that a number of the deals are not trustworthy, and they have to be cash only.

With a new app from eBay known as Close 5, users can exchange items within five miles of their location. Think of it as eBay’s standard “Buy Now” section, only this time, people have the option to pay in cash, in person, and skip the shipping fees.

When using Close 5, shoppers can send private messages to sellers and arrange meeting places. The sale still takes place on a version of the eBay platform, so if something goes wrong with the sale, buyers have the opportunity to launch a complaint. Buyers can pay with a credit card, as long as the seller has that listed as one of the accepted payment options.

“We believe that everything you need should be available within 5 miles of wherever you are, not only for the good of your community and the environment, but also your wallet,” the company said on its website.

Close 5 is being tested in the San Diego area. In an effort to gain new users, eBay is asking people to send in pictures of their messiest closets in the hopes of winning a complete closet makeover. In addition, the makers of Close 5 will also make a donation to a San Diego charity every time someone downloads the free smartphone app.

Close 5 is available for Android and iOS devices.

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